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Post-Doctoral Fellow

Eliza Grlickova-Duzevik MS, MD, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow in the Harrison Lab. Eliza acquired her medical degree at Saints Cyril and Methodius University Medical School in Macedonia, and briefly worked as a practicing physician at the Rheumatology Clinic in Skopje, Macedonia. She moved to the US to pursue a career in basic research. Her clinical experience inspired her to investigate the mechanisms behind the pain in rheumatic patients, therefore she extensively studied neuroimmunology and molecular biology during her Master’s and PhD training at the University of Maine.  In Dr. Harrison’s lab she is using bioinformatics as a tool for large data analysis and investigating the transcript changes affected by RNA-binding proteins. Further, Eliza’s project is directed to design a functional screen for RNA binding protein targets involved in neuroplasticity. Eliza’s responsibilities also include training the new lab members sterile techniques, cell culture and molecular biology lab methods.

Eliza Grlickova-Duzevik MD, PhD: TeamMember
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