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Science Researcher


Undergraduate Researcher

Sam is pursuing a B.S. in Medical Biology following the Pre-Medicine track with a minor in Latin American Studies. She first became interested in medicine when she played basketball and softball and suffered various sports related injuries. The passion her physician had to help people has inspired her to study medicine. Her other interest in Spanish led her to study abroad in Spain during the Fall 2017 semester. During this time, she improved her Spanish, experienced the beautiful culture, traveled, and had the opportunity to volunteer at a private hospital. Her ultimate goal is to become a physician. Participating in research allows her to pursue her interest in medicine as well as her desire to help people. Currently, Sam is working on a project that studies the Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex (CTMR) to analyze nerve regeneration and collateral sprouting in rats. She performs the behavioral assays and runs the statistics to analyze the movement of this reflex. She had the opportunity to present her findings at the NERIC conference in Burlington, Vermont, in August 2017.

- NorthEast Regional IDeA Conference,  August 2017

- SURE Fellowship Grant, Summer 2018

- Undergraduate Research Symposium, Fall 2018

Samantha Dinsdale UNE '19: TeamMember

Honors, Awards, and Presentations

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